London City Airport profiles passengers based on packing habits

London City Airport has identified five passenger profiles based on their packing habits when planning for a trip – ranging from the ones who return with half their baggage untouched to those who miss out on packing essentials.

Accordingly, the airport has found five categories of passengers – the World On Their Shoulders (WOTS), Kitchen Sink, Pants & Polos, My Case or Yours and the Last Minute packers – set on a pleasure or business trip. The airport describes the general traits of the different categories as:

World On Their Shoulders (WOTS) – the ones who struggle to stay upright under the weight of their hand luggage. To avoid an overweight hold luggage, they carry stuff in shoulder bags.

Kitchen Sink – Fearing the thought of being caught short, they stuff everything in their suitcase they can think of even for a one night trip. This group suffers from the packing equivalent to FOMO – FOLO, Fear of Leaving Out.

Pants & Polos – A well-honed and planned style amongst business travellers, this category simply packs the bare essentials to ensure their bag will fit in the overhead lockers, saving time at check-in and arrivals. They are not keen on changing a plan.

My Case or Yours – This category refers to families travelling together who start by packing individual cases for each member but end up putting things wherever they’ll fit. Hence they are always searching where, in which case, the items are.

Last Minute – Carrying a suitcase of mismatched outfits, odd shoes, no swimwear, but excess woollens, this category is the most unorganised when it comes to planning a trip.

Commenting on traveller profiles and advising people planning their holidays, a London City Airport spokesperson said, ‘We advise passengers to check their luggage allowance with their airline in advance so they have plenty of time to pack and avoid additional charges at check-in.’

‘We see a lot of Pants & Polos with our business travellers, who travel regularly and have packing down to a fine art. However, weekend breakers’ and holidaymakers’ luggage comes in all shapes and sizes and we get a broad mix of WOTS, Kitchen Sinkers and My Case or Yours. The beauty of a Last Minute packer is that to the outside world they appear organised, it’s only when they’re sitting around the swimming pool in jeans and cowboy boots that they get found out.’