bmi regional offers 50-seater jet for aspiring James Bonds

bmi regional, the UK-based regional airline, will offer aspiring secret agents private jets from £300 per person per day, ahead of the latest instalment from the world’ favourite spy in November.

Budding Secret Service agents looking for successful international exploits and secret stakeouts can hire a 50-seater jet aircraft from bmi regional for their own private use, which includes full in-flight service. bmi regional offers private charter of its 50-seater Embraer aircraft – decorated with a personal livery, if required – starting from £15,000 per day.

Based on 50 passengers travelling from a UK airport to a short haul destination like the south of France, Croatia or Switzerland, the cost stands at £300 per person including full in-flight service.

Flyers and guests can choose their own schedule, a UK departure airport and a short haul destination – and even have their own name, or an alias for undercover operations, on the aircraft exterior. The aircraft can fly and return within the day, while flyers may choose a classified trip to Cannes, top-secret mission to Milan or a National Security mission in Scandinavia.

Lee Rennie, Head of Charter at bmi regional, said: ‘We’re sure that many agents, diplomats and undercover operatives have hired bmi regional aircraft but further details are strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis. The comfort, convenience and cost of a private jet makes it an obvious choice for those on a mission, whether it be for business or pleasure.’

With over 70 years of flying expertise, bmi regional has significant experience in offering personalised solutions to suit private charter requirements. Full in-flight service with full bar service are included and are customisable to exact dietary or special requirements.