Half of us dont count UK breaks ‘proper’ holidays?

We all enjoy going abroad on holiday- a break in the UK doesn’t quite cut it compared to a week of sun, sea and sand. It would seem that half of you agree, as our latest study here at sunshine.co.uk has found that 52% of Brits don’t view UK breaks as ‘proper holidays

We polled a sample of 1,563 holiday makers over the age of 18 to find out Britons’ attitudes towards holidaying in the UK, compared to abroad.

95% of you said that a holiday abroad was their favourite break.

74% of the people polled said that they had been on a holiday in the UK and one abroad, but the vast majority preferred holidaying overseas.

Many of you seem to think that a holiday in the UK is pointless and 21% said that they would never even consider taking a ‘staycation’.

The main reason against staying home to holiday was the price

55% of you feel that holidays abroad are better value than staying in the UK and a third of you blame the weather for making you want to take a break abroad instead.

1 in 10 of you said you didn’t feel rested when you came home from a trip in the UK and 17% admitted that they hadn’t enjoyed their UK holiday at all.

In an aim to discover the cost difference between UK holidays and vacations abroad, 62% of you said it was the holiday at home that left them more out of pocket.

You should research your holiday fully before you book

Holidays in the UK can be more expensive, but it can be nice to not have to worry about the cost of flights and airport transfers, which is why some people do choose to holiday at home.

However, holidays abroad can be a much more exciting experience and the weather abroad is something the UK often fails to compete with.