Heathrow Airport welcomes expansion recommendation, opens pop-up boutique for Emiratis

London Heathrow Airport has opened a new pop-up boutique to welcome Emiratis and other Arab passengers travelling through the airport during Eid Al Fitr, 7days has reported.

Jonathan Coen, Retail Director at Heathrow, said: ‘Eid is a special time of year for families and friends. Our team of experts are going to enjoy helping Emirati passengers who are looking for that special something for their loved ones back home, or for a treat for themselves.’

Heathrow’s Personal Shopping service is popular among UAE nationals, accounting for over 25 per cent of the region’s users. The new boutique is located in Terminal 3, the terminal that is used by Emirates. The provisional, purpose-built shop will be manned by Heathrow’s Arabic-speaking Personal Shoppers, who will be on hand to advise Arab visitors on style, fashion and gift items available at Heathrow.

According to 7days, more than 245,030 Emiratis, expats and visitors passed the gates of Heathrow, travelling to and from the UAE around Eid Al Fitr in 2014. The Airport is expecting a significant number of Emirati and other Arab travellers during this Eid also.

Heathrow Airport, which handled a record 6.68 million passengers in June, has welcomed the Airports Commission’s recommendation for an expanded Heathrow, saying the final report found that expansion ‘delivers the greatest competition benefits for passengers’.

Heathrow Airport said: ‘The Commission found that expanding Heathrow would produce more competition in the long-haul market. This would have the greatest and quickest positive impact for passengers because the short-haul market in the UK is already very competitive. Additional capacity at Heathrow would also allow low-cost carriers to build more substantial networks as a large number of new slots become available for the first time in several decades, further driving competition at the UK’s hub.’

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye added: ‘On the first of July, the Airports Commission ended the debate on where a new runway should be built by unanimously recommending Heathrow’s new expansion plan. It’s now a binary choice for the British Government. We either expand Heathrow – creating jobs, growth, a rebalanced economy and lucrative export routes – or we do nothing and retreat as a nation. The answer is obvious, so let’s get on with it.’