Gatwick Airport launches luggage transfer service

London Gatwick has recently announced the launch of a luggage transfer service by AirPortr, a London-based travel tech start-up, at the airport.

With the new service, Gatwick passengers will have a same-day, on demand luggage service that provides bag-free travel to and from their home, workplace or holiday destination within London, Gatwick and surroundings.

AirPortr’s team of concierges and drivers will collect and deliver passengers’ baggage between their location and the airport. Passengers can now travel bag-free, enabling faster and hassle free journeys. Departing travellers can be free to make the most of their time on departure day, as they do not have to factor in extra time carrying their luggage. Arriving passengers can offload their bags with the AirPortr team when they land and travel straight to their destination.

Priced as an ‘affordable luxury,’ AirPortr’s service charges £30 for two bags of any size or weight delivered to or from the airport into Central London.

Gatwick Product Manager for Premium and Business Services, Toby Tait, said: ‘Gatwick is always striving to make our passengers’ travel through our airport quick, convenient and hassle-free.

‘The arrival of AirPortr now means that the convenience our passengers experience at the airport extends to their travel to and from Gatwick. Carrying heavy bags on the journey to and from the airport can now be a thing of the past for our passengers.’

Chris Walsh, Head of Customer Experience at Portr, said: ‘Of course we are in the business of same day luggage delivery and ensuring your bags travel when and where you want them, but really AirPortr is all about the time and convenience aspect of the service that we in reality aspire to deliver.

‘More time to do what you want and need to do versus having your luggage inconveniently dictating your itinerary i.e. what we like to think is truly travelling with ‘Luggage Freedom’.’

The luggage delivery service has been formally launched at Gatwick South Terminal and will be operational in Gatwick North Terminal later this year. The service can be booked in advance or on the day of travel at