Brits take advantage of bank holidays, but miss Royal wedding

In April this year Brits can make the most of the four bank holidays by taking three days off from work in order to have a ten day holiday at their leisure. Good Friday, Easter Monday, the Royal wedding, and May Day all fall within ten days, creating an unprecedented opportunity for a prolonged holiday which has already been spotted by travellers and tour operators alike. Luxury tour operator Kuoni are already offering Big Bank Holiday escape packages lasting for up to seven days, while Thomson Holidays sell low-cost bargain packages for the Easter period.

Research carried out by the UK’s largest holiday comparison website shows a significant increase in holiday bookings for the end of April. The number of 7 to 10 day holidays pre-booked for the period has risen by a stunning 60% compared to last year. Booking a holiday in April is a real bargain as the month is considered off-season which sees lower prices and smaller tourist crowds. UK holidaymakers are seizing the opportunity to snap up a getaway abroad. Employees are planning to take a couple of days away from work so that they can have a proper seven or even ten day vacation, leaving the UK on or around Thursday April 21st and coming back in the first days of May.

The experts at commented that the increased interest in late April holidays cannot be put down to the clustering of free days only. April appeals to the overworked Brits because it gives them a chance to have a break after the long winter work period. Statistics reveal that roughly 40% of Brits head off to southern Europe and North Africa in search of sunshine and relaxation. The hotspot destinations remain Greece and Turkey which are the warmest in Europe this time of the year. Some tourists looking to go further afield book holidays to the Maldives, the Seychelles and Mauritius. founder Alex Francis commented: “The warming weather is appealing to people who crave relaxation. At the end of April and beginning of May most resorts in southern Europe are still gearing for the summer season and remain largely empty. This allows tourists to have a nice spring vacation at a lower price and without the stress of getting on crowded flights or staying in noisy overpopulated hotels.”