British Airways announces service improvements on China, Hong Kong flights

British Airways has announced certain improvements on the service that customers will receive on flights to and from China and Hong Kong as part of efforts to make travellers ‘feel more at home on board’

As part of improving its travel experience, the airline is now offering its Chinese customers bilingual menu cards and the option of chopsticks or cutlery when dining. In recognising the popular tea culture that both China and Britain share, the airline has also added Twining’s green tea as a beverage option in all cabins. Additionally, British Airways’ menus are custom-made to suit each route. Customers travelling to China and Hong Kong have the choice of relishing stir fried Kung Pao Chicken or Pork Wonton soup with pak choi and noodles on board in January.

The British airline has also introduced new dark blue slippers in business class and premium economy – Club World and World Traveller Plus – ahead of Chinese New Year. Currently slippers are only available in first class.

Richard Tams, executive vice president China, said: ‘We understand how important it is for our customers to feel comfortable when flying with us. Following customer feedback we have added a number of extra touches to our flights to and from China. These include slippers, green tea and chopsticks, which we hope will add value and create a more culturally authentic experience for Chinese customers when they choose to fly with us.’

The improvements come as the number of people travelling between the UK and China is increasing year over year. According to available statistics from VisitBritain, the UK’s official tourism board, in 2015, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Britain grew by 40 percent compared to 2014.

British Airways currently operates seven flights a week to Beijing, 10 flights a week to Shanghai and 14 flights a week to Hong Kong. Earlier in January, British Airways suspended a fourth regular route from London to Chengdu after serving the route for three years, stating it was commercially unviable. British Airways added the London-Chengdu flight in 2013, initially flying the route five times a week. It reduced the service to three flights a week in 2014.

The airline is currently running a sale, with return flights to Beijing starting from GBP387.00, flights to Shanghai starting from GBP496.00 and flights to Hong Kong starting from GBP445.00. The British Airways world sale runs until midnight on January 31, 2017.

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