Panic as caller warns Eiffel Tower will be blown up

France’s capital city was thrown into panic last week when a package was found beneath the Eiffel Tower.

An anonymous caller rang the police to warn the landmark was going to be blown up, leading police to evacuated over 4,000 people from the tower itself and its surrounding area.

The iconic tower which stands 1,063ft high in the centre of Paris, was blocked off by police officers following the bomb threat.

The impressive building has been noted as a target for terrorism by extremists from Al Qaeda and those who oppose Libyan bombings.

However the tower was not closed for too long, following checks no explosives were found.

Only two hours later tourists were allowed to wonder beneath the tower around the plaza and the ticket office reopened.

The suspect package was found on the plaza in-between large groups of tourists. Police and soldiers were brought in and could be seen scouring the 1,063ft high tower for suspect packages and the surrounding area was also blocked of for searching.

An anonymous caller warned the police that the tower was going to be blown up at 1700 GMT, a police official stated almost 4,000 tourists were removed from the area for their saftey.

The site has been threatened and evacuated before, if a bomb attack were to take place on the 81-storey landmark it would cause huge devastation with thousands of tourists from around the world visiting the site everyday.