London adds another heritage attraction, opens Postal Museum for visitors

London has added another heritage attraction to its collection with the recent opening of the Royal Mail’s Postal Museum.

‘We are absolutely delighted to welcome our first visitors to The Postal Museum. We’re anticipating an extremely busy first month, with lots of fun activities planned for families. Then, on Monday 4 September, Mail Rail trains will depart for the first time – a truly historic moment for London,’ said museum director Adrian Steel in a statement.

Postal Museum, located near the central London sorting depot, is opening to the public after an 18 month refurbishment project. The museum informs and educates guests on the history of the postal services in Britain through interactive displays.

A main attraction in the Postal Museum is the underground train ride – Mail Rail. The underground train ride is a kilometre long and takes guests on a journey through abandoned rail tunnels. These mail tunnels have not been used for over 100 years now and the revival is expected to offer guests a unique and close experience with history.

While the Postal Museum is open for guests, the Mail Rail ride will only start in September. It will see visitors board a miniature train that will run through stalactite-filled chambers of subterranean London, formerly hidden from public view.

Postal Museum is designed interactively, and presents a glimpse of the human side of Britain’s postal system – from the greatcoats and pistols carried by 18th century posties to the development of Britain’s iconic stamps used on envelopes. Another attraction is a game where visitors can take the role of a mail coach guard to understand the working of the mail system.

In addition, visitors will be able to decipher Morse code at a writing bureau from the 1930s. Once written, the messages disappear through a system of pneumatic tubes and are received by any stranger on the other side of the museum.

With its unique design and extensive coverage of the history of Britain’s postal service, the museum aims to be an interesting historical attraction for tourists and visitors, both local and foreign.