Wizz Air protects against Brexit by registering UK company

Wizz Air, a Hungary-based budget airline, has confirmed that it has registered a UK company in order to protect its future operations in the nation from any adverse effects of Brexit.

The company was concerned that if the Brexit negotiations fail to agree an aviation deal, its flights between Britain and EU nations could have been affected. It said that it registered Wizz Air UK Ltd on September 26, with its chief executive, Jozsef Varadi, named as the new company’s director. The budget airline also said that it is interested in obtaining a UK Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

A spokesperson for the company, said: ‘We can confirm that Wizz Air has established a company in the UK and we are reviewing the process for a UK Air Operator Certificate, which will allow us to continue operating flights to and from Britain in the event that no aviation deal is agreed. Wizz Air’s main concern is to protect the interest of its customers, investors and employees. While the Brexit outcome remains uncertain for all, and the aviation industry is no different, Wizz Air stays committed to the UK and believes in enhancing connectivity of the UK with destinations in Europe and beyond.’

The spokesperson also said that in the past 12 months, the airline had carried more than seven million passengers on UK routes, which was an increase of 14 percent on the previous year.

Wizz Air was established as a company in 2003 and its inaugural flight was from Katowice to London in May 2004. Today it operates 79 UK routes from 9 airports to 41 destinations.