Soaring Travel Costs prove to be holiday makers biggest gripe

Brits travelling abroad have spilled their greatest holiday gripes on the back of this years souring travel costs.

With an extortionate 5-10% increase on holiday prices in just this month alone, holiday makers have voiced their worst grievances about traveling abroad with the rise in costs coming out on top. have recently undertaken a survey in which a sizeable 31.4% of people are disgruntled by the rise in travel costs, which are set to soar even further during school holidays.

In return for their exuberant price tags, holiday makers have voiced their annoyances about other aspects of travelling abroad which fail to live up to the ‘glamorous’ prices they’re forking out.

With the inflation of travel costs, travellers are expecting more for their money, but prices aside, what are the other main frustrations of holidaying Brits?

Evidence compounded by the NetVoucherCodes survey found that a staggering 13% of Brits have complained about the queing time for food & drink whilst 7.8% have the complained about the quality of food.

For those who travel All Inclusive, 11% have voiced their annoyance at watered down alcohol and the limited choice of drinks available. With that, 8% of those surveyed said they were disappointed overall with their service including the entertainment.

Limited Wifi access in accommodation has also reached the top of the list with 6% of Brits complaining about the lack of internet in and around their hotel or apartment.

Other factors, including the lack of sun loungers, dirty swimming pools, rude staff members and substandard accommodation have also left Brits feeling displeased.

A spokesperson for who carried out the survey said “With many families struggling to get by, it is not surprising that the cost of going on holiday is the main annoyance.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people looking for voucher codes for trusted brands like TUI and First Choice in the last year, proving that we as a nation are always on the lookout to save some money without wanting to compromise on quality.

An increasing number of people who have spent a lot of money on their holiday are now leaving reviews of their experiences on sites like Tripadvisor, so hotels and travel companies need to be monitoring this feedback and proactively address the issues raised.”

Here are the survey’s top 10 findings…