Do more with multi-centre holidays

There is so much to do in Florida that it can be hard to know how to fit the best of the sunshine state in to a single trip. One solution used by Florida travel experts is to plan a multi-centre holiday that includes a visit to the Big Apple.

As the name suggests, multi-centre holidays are single holidays with more than one destination on the itinerary. Florida is the ideal location for such a trip because of the diverse range of activities and sights to see across the state. If you are going to make the effort and foot the expense of flying across the Atlantic then it would be a shame to not return feeling fulfilled!

It is recommended to immerse yourself in to the hustle and bustle of New York before unwinding in sunny Florida. New York has so much on offer that you could a decade in the city without “completing it” but you can experience the magic of the city in a handful of days with a well-planned out trip.

Firstly, write down your hit list of sights you don’t want to leave without seeing; popular choices include the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre. Once you have that noted down then you can research where to stay, eat and drink that suits your taste and budget. To save you hours and hours of Googling, head to Lonely Planet to see their extensive guides that provide unparalleled insight to hand-hold you through your US adventure.

A multi-centre tour operator will be able to guide, negotiate and arrange all of your accommodation and transport needs which removes the headache of doing so yourself. Having spent a few days in New York you will probably be ready for an elongated stay in Florida which has something for everyone. Head to the globally renowned Disney Parks to visit Mickey, tee off at one of the many luscious golf courses, cool off at the amazing water parks, head to the beaches of St Petes on the Gulf coast or travel slightly further to the famous beaches of Miami.

You no longer need to choose between a city break and a kid-friendly beach holiday as a multi-centre holiday provide the answer. The days of difficult booking processes and hanging around for transfers are behind us and a single booking will take you from your house to New York then on to Florida before safely returning you home with a smile and head full of memories! This well-trodden route between the destinations continues to grow in popularity and there is no sign of that slowing down!