Save Time Searching for Holiday Tours and Adventures. New Comparison Site Does it For you!

Save Time Searching for Holiday Tours and Adventures. New Comparison Site Does it For You!

New start-up, TourHound recently launched a travel tour and adventure comparison website to help holiday seekers save time and frustration searching for the ideal tour.

TourHound brings convenience to the excitement of booking a tour and adventure holiday. With an extensive list of tours and adventures to choose from with 50+ rec ognised travel groups, holidays seekers have access to hundreds of hot deals in just a few clicks.

The website is built with a powerful search engine capable of sifting through thousands of holiday options. To make the platform even easier to use, the initial search criteria is simple; destination, tour type, month.

If needed, users can also enter custom search criteria including price, duration, group size, and whether they want meals included in the cost.

All end-users have to do is enter their preferred search criteria, compare tours and select the holiday they want.

Visitors can read more details about the tour directly on the TourHound website and then straight over to the tour operators website directly from TourHound.

All the major tour destinations are available. Whether you want to visit the illustrious temples of Angkor in Cambodia, safari in Africa, road trip America or experience the vast glaciers of Antarctica, there are no shortage of options to choose from.

There are also multiple tour types from ‘active’ to ‘walking’ and everything in between including music tours, foodie tours, and holidays designed for youth and singles. Whatever the preferred tour criteria is, holiday seekers will find it on TourHound.

About TourHound

TourHound aims to become the go-to website for holidaymakers that want to find a good choice of tours with reputable companies. Their key strengths are reliability and convenience.

The Managing Director of the company, Lawrence Hicks expects these strengths to be the driving force behind the popularity of the website. He said:

“We’re delighted with the response after launch and a lot of travelers will be using the platform to find their perfect touring or adventure holiday in 3 easy steps. Search. Compare. Select. ”

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the travel industry, and as avid travelers, the owners understand the pains and frustrations holiday makers experience when searching for holidays and dealing with tour operators.

One of the biggest benefits of using TourHound is they only help you find companies that are offering great deals on great tours. And you find them quickly.

Thanks to the business model, TourHound do not act as middleman like other operators such as Expedia and Travelocity. That means if anything does go wrong with your booking, customers deal with the tour operator directly. There are no smokescreens third-party companies can erect to avoid disputes and compensation.

TourHound are experts at sniffing out the best holiday deals. For a complete list of holiday destinations, tours and the latest special offers, let TourHound take the lead

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