Fun weekend activities in London with your friends

London is a city with an amazing history that goes back to the times of the Roman empire. It’s a huge city with a lot of places for sightseeing, lots of historic landmarks, and a lot of tourist attractions in general. In fact, TripAdvisor estimates that number at over 1700!

The UK might not be famous for its crazy local cuisine, but boy, does it have a lot of chefs and some of the top rated restaurants in the world! London alone houses somewhere around 18000 restaurants!

The city, population of which is getting close to 9 million people, hosts more than 19(!) million people every year! Considering all that we’ve said, it’s easy to see how and why London can seem over-saturated with tourists, venues, opportunities and things to do. In response to that influx of information and choices, a lot of people simply opt out and end up just checking out a few popular tourist destinations, take a couple of pictures and call it a day.

The truth is, London has much more to offer than the major tourist attractions that are already in hundreds. Below we’ll offer some examples and suggestions on what you can do in London over the weekend if you have no grand plans.

An evening of Bowling

If you and your friends are the kinds of people who would rather avoid mixing in with tens of thousands of other people and standing in queues for hours upon hours, maybe rolling up for somewhat mellow weekend entertainment could be more up your lane. And yes, those were bowling puns.


The city houses a lot of bowling venues, not the least of which is the Rowans Tenpin bowling alley. The place boasts more than 100 years of history. It’s pretty much a local legend. You can bowl, you can have a pint, you can play retro arcade machines, and if you’re visiting the place on a weekend, it’s also a nightclub! Admittedly, a nightclub doesn’t sound all too mellow, but in all fairness, a lot of people find them to be an extremely good way to unwind, relax and let out some steam.

An escape room adventure

Do you like mental challenges? Solving problems? Fooling around while playing with your friends? If you do, you should grab a handful of them and head down to one of many escape rooms, mystery-solving venues, and performances in London! This is a great choice for stimulating your brain, building comradery and just good, clean fun with your friends, colleagues or a significant other. So if you’re interested in a bit of cerebral entertainment, find some London escape rooms here and get problem-solving!

A stand-up comedy show

Would you like to sit in a comfortable chair with your friends, sip on drinks all night and burst your bellies laughing? Well, then you’re in luck because London has some of the best stand-up comedy venues in the world. Everyone has heard of the legendary and often dry British humour. You will get to have that experience firsthand at places like the Comedy Store, the famous comedy venue with nearly 4 decades of experience in hosting some of the greatest comedic talents the UK or the world has ever seen.

A tour in the Ghost Bus

Or maybe you would prefer an experience that is a fascinating mix of eerie and funny. If you want to, a vintage 1960’s bus will drive you around the city while the highly entertaining guides tell you stories about some of the more gruesome and mysterious parts of the city’s history. Fear not, however, as the tour is heavy on humour. The stories are delivered with a dose of lightheartedness in order to counteract the sinister aspect of the stories. So don’t be afraid to take your kids or more easily spooked friends there!