A Checklist of Equipment for Coastal Hiking

There’s nothing quite like a hike along one of the gorgeous coastlines of the UK. From the 95-mile long Jurassic Coast in Dorset to the remote Scottish island of St Kilda, there are plenty of wonderful sights to see and places to explore.

However, before you go running out the door to get lost on the coast, you should seriously consider the gear you’ll need. Read on for a summary of the kit you’ll want to have to make sure your coastal hike is a dream,  not your worst nightmare.

The right pair of boots

The whole point of hiking is doing a lot of walking, so a good pair of stiff boots is a top priority in your hiking essentials. Whether you’re crossing muddy paths, sandy shores, or rocky beaches, you need to make sure your feet are comfy, dry, and protected from any potential injuries.

Hiking Poles

To support walking or climbing activities over steep or rocky regions, you need trekking poles. These poles give extra support to balance you over the harsh terrain, they’re adjustable in length, and have shock absorption mechanisms. Therefore, for trickier hiking expeditions, these are an essential bit of gear.


Boots are your main concern, but light hiking garments are also vital. Make sure you’ve got some outdoor pants, hiking vests, socks, jackets, and outdoor shirts in your wardrobe before you set off. All these assist you in getting adequate protection from harsh weather, sea spray, and whatever else the world might throw at you.


If you’re going to be hiking for more than a few hours, you’ll need a backpack to keep the rest of your kit with you. There are plenty of options available, but remember that you’re going to be wearing it for a long, long time. Consider how much space you really need, and how comfy the backpack will need to be.


How could you go for a hike along one of the UK’s magnificent coastlines and not want to camp out alongside it? If your planned hike is going to take more than a day, you’ll need your own tent. Again, remember that you’ll need to take it with you, so don’t pack a six-man monstrosity if you’re going for a solo walk along the beach.

Sleeping gear

This probably goes without saying, but if you’ve got a tent, you’ll need some sleeping gear. Make sure you’ve got a sleeping bag at the very least, but you might also want some sleeping pads, and maybe even a camping cot if you need some extra support.

With all this gear in your pack, you’ll be all set for your next big coastal hiking adventure. If you need some inspiration when choosing a coastal route you’ll enjoy, this hiking guide has lots to offer. Happy hiking!