The 7 Best Beaches Around the World to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

There is nothing better to enjoy the summer than a good beach of fine sand, refreshing palm trees and crystal clear waters. There are beaches of all types and for all tastes. This selection includes some of the most beautiful in the world, all wrapped in a magnetic and paradisiacal atmosphere that will amaze you.

Playa Bavaro (Dominican Republic)

This is undoubtedly the best known beach of Punta Cana and its beauty is so impressive that it was declared by UNESCO as one of the best beaches in the world. The white sands and calm, crystalline waters make Playa Bávaro one of the most paradisiacal beaches in the Dominican Republic. In this beach you can also do numerous activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, renting jet skis and even catamaran rides.

The main all-inclusive hotels brands in the Dominican Republic are located in Playa Bavaro. Lopesan is a very good option to stay when visiting this place, since in his Punta Cana hotel you will find all the comfort you need. Also, in the surroundings of Playa Bavaro and the hotels there are multiple services available such as restaurants, shopping malls and gift shops.

Rangiroa (French Polynesia)

 This impressive coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific, the second largest in the world, is the most remote and solitary place you can find. Many tourists go there for scuba diving, but what’s wrong with lying on the beach and having a couple of cocktails? There is also a huge lagoon, almost an inland sea, which increases the already wide perception and sense of perspective; even the name of the island itself means “vast sky”. Rangiroa is one of the travel proposals within French Polynesia for those who find Bora Bora, Moorea or Tahiti too touristy.

Maspalomas (Spain)

There is an spectacular beach formed by a set of sand dunes in the spectacular island of Gran Canaria. The impressive Dunes of Maspalomas originated millions of years ago due to crushed organisms that the wind has disseminated and spread over a large area, creating a desert of sand with clear waters that will take your breath away. To visit the island for a few days -which is definitely worth it, there are luxury villas in Gran Canaria available to rent here. Thus, you can enjoy the most touristic places without giving up the calmness of a villa in Gran Canaria with a private pool that definitely any good vacation needs. 

San Andrés and Providencia (Colombia)

Lovers of tropical paradises with a Caribbean flavor should visit this little-known refuge. This enclave enjoys a great Rastafarian influence and its beautiful beaches, caves, coves and pools join the local architecture with lots of reggae, rum and cocktails to provide a sensual pleasure. It is essential to visit the perfect islet of Cayo Johnny with boats sailing from the port near the Decameron aquarium.

Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

With its azure blue waters, surrounded by a crown of jungle-covered limestone cliffs, this place of pilgrimage is one of the most beautiful in Thailand. Since it is not possible to spend the night in Leh, at dusk the hikers flock back to their barracks in neighboring Phi Phi Don, where the long days resting on white beaches give way to sweaty nights of drinking and dancing. You have to climb the 300 m of the Phi Phi viewpoint to contemplate the exuberant beauty of the island in the form of a butterfly or make a boat trip by the sea.

Catalonia (Spain)

Catalonia is the ideal destination for travelers eager to live new experiences. It has a wonderful landscape which hide more than 400 lakes, rivers where you can practise rafting and 580 km of coastline to enjoy the sun or water sports. All this, together with a traditional and very tasty gastronomy and plenty of accomodation options such as the apartments offered by Catalan Ways, has made out of Catalonia one of the best destinations of the world. Whether you are travelling with children or as a couple, you will find experiences to suit your taste and budget.

Kuna Yala (Panama)

If you google “tropical paradise”, you will surely find images of this archipelago. These islets are part of the semi-autonomous territory of the Kuna people and have palm trees, fabulous beaches, thatched huts and timeless charm. The development has not made a dent thanks to the environmental conservation laws imposed by the Kuna. So there are no horrible hotels to spoil the landscape, no mass tourism to pollute the environment, just many uninhabited islands to explore.

Elafonisi and Balos (Greece)

There are only a small number of pink beaches scattered throughout the world which owe their exquisite color to tiny oysters named Foraminifera. These red shells that are crushed in the sand give a pink color to two shores in Greece: Elafonisi and Balos. Elafonisi is a tiny island, divided from the Cretan shore by a lagoon which less than 1m deep. Balos, surrounded by a lagoon of pure light-green and blue color, is located on the southwestern tip of Chania County. It can either be reached by boat, or for those who prefer a more picturesque journey and enjoy a challenging hike – by foot.