Why Catalonia isn’t only ideal during summer months

Welcome to Spain, or more importantly, Catalonia! This city has become a bit of a tourist favourite over the years. Not only does this city have a charming medieval vibe to it, but you will find that there is always sometimes to do. You don’t just need to go in summer to enjoy this city. In fact, it is just as lovely in Spring, Autumn and Winter. Here are the top reasons why you need to visit Catalonia during the colder months as well during summer.

The Beauty of Snow

Catalonia is a place of romantic beauty. The ancient buildings, like Sant Julià, Besalú, or ‘La Majestat’, Beget, all have the charm of an old world. They look beautiful during the sunshine, but have you ever imagined what they might look like during the colder months? You touch down in Barcelona, get one of the Barcelona airport transfers and see a beautiful world that is covered in snow. It presents an entirely different picture than what you would see in the sun, especially if you go to see some of Gaudi’s buildings. Just make sure to wrap up warmly whilst you explore.


There are a lot more things to do in Catalonia than just sunbathing. With its rugged coastline and nearby location to the Pyrenees mountains, it’s the perfect place to go skiing. If you love the idea of going down a steep slope with the beauty of the mountains and trees rushing you by, you will love seeing the Catalonian ski resorts. For instance, Vall de Núria is a family friendly mountain resort that has a whole range of skiing and hiking options. However, it also has a hotel, bars, restaurants and even picnic areas. It’s the perfect place to go to see the wintery world of Catalonia and also have some fun with your friends and family.


Throughout the entire year, Catalonia has a range of festivals that you would probably never see in the UK. For instance, New Year’s Eve might not have any fireworks but you will be able to part in the city square and eat 12 grapes before 12 am arrives. However, if you want something that’s a little more lively, why not check out Carnival in February? During the 12th -18th February you will be able to join in masked balls, festivals and processions full of large colourful floats and costumes. It is well worth going to see. Each district in Catalonia celebrates carnival in an entirely unique and fun way. So, make sure to make some travel plans to get you to the right city at the right time.

Peace & Quiet One of the worst things that you can encounter on a trip to Catalonia during the summer are the tourist crowds. True, it is warm and you can sunbathe. But the amount of people who go to Catalonia to do is will leave you feeling like you can’t go anywhere without there being a crowd. Go any other time and you will find peace and quiet no matter where you go. That way you can relax and avoid the rabble of a crowd.