5 fun walks to enjoy in London during frosty weather

To travel more and to get more exercise heads many bucket lists. However, in January the weather is less than favourable and our purse strings are tightened. Thankfully, there are many fun walks to enjoy in London during the frosty weather!

Westminster walk

Why not visit the newly elected Prime Minister? Along with the Queen, Winston Churchill’s secret bunker, three art galleries and many more Monopoly board squares; there’s a lot to be seen on this circular walk. The trek starts and finishes in the shadow of Big Ben and even allows you to make a pit stop at Trafalgar Square where you’re able to rest your legs and admire Nelson’s Column.

Jubilee Greenway

Regent’s Canal may look less than inviting during the colder winter months, however, it makes for one of the most pleasant canal walks in the capital. The route is fairly quiet and even more so during low season. The walk is fairly easy at a mere two miles, ideal if you have little ones in tow, or can’t bear being out in the cold for too long. The distance is just enough to make you feel like you’re on the towpath of an idyllic countryside canal, rather than in the heart of one of the globe’s busiest capitals.

Parkland Walk

This is by far the best work for acquainting yourself with nature. The walk is officially London’s longest Local Nature Reserve, meaning it’s a fantastic opportunity to spot wildlife. During this time of year, dinky muntjac deer are sure to be on show – perfect for spicing up your Instagram feed. The leafy 4km route follows a derelict railway line that once connected Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace.

For those of you into urban exploring, you’re able to spot reflections of the old line in the form of disused platforms and tunnels. Whether you’re a runner, tourist, cyclist or dog walker, this is the perfect opportunity to escape the mayhem of the capital. Finsbury Park is a 40-minute tube journey from Shepherd’s Bush and the district is home to many brilliant hotels, ideal for respite after your lengthy yet enjoyable trek in the cold. This includes Dorsett Hotel, City of London, a haven of tranquility and relaxation.

London Wall

Immerse yourself in history by embarking on the London Wall Walk. Picture this; it’s roughly AD200 and the Romans have built a huge 2.5-mile wall around the settlement of Londinium. A wall which becomes the foundation of the medieval wall that paves the way for the City of London as we know it. A lot of the wall was destroyed by the fall out of the Second World War but several fragments survived and stand between the office blocks, churches and hotels of the capital. This walk follows the line of the original wall as closely as possible.

Hampstead Heath

This huge nature reserve offers a wild, untamed walking experience with stunning views across the city. With vibrancy, all colours of the rainbow, an amazing variety of wildlife and over 30 ponds, there’s plenty to see and do here. With over 791 acres of woodland and meadows, this open park truly does take your breath away. Much like New York’s Central Park, it’s the perfect offering of wildness within a bustling city.