With this “living” business card, you can enjoy the beautiful Yunnan at home Abstract: To see the national treasure and Meri Snow Mountain

You don’t need to cross mountain after mountain and you can see the newly born Yunnan golden monkey acing kittenishly or sleeping in the arm of the monkey mother or you can enjoy the grand view of Meri Snow Mountain. Because the “best black tech” of “Go-Yunnan” APP — scenic spot slow lives can materialize this.

Recently, “Go-Yunnan” opened channel two slow lives of Yunnan golden monkey, and channel one slow live of Meri Snow Mountain. On March 29, it held a 90-min live broadcast of Yunnan golden monkey activities.

Slow lives means that a HD camera is set up at a corner that is worth minding to conduct the 24-hour live broadcast.

Here is the thick-lipped adorable national treasure!

On March 29, 1.9 million netizens from all over the world reached deep into the Yunnan Baima Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve via cell phones to visit China’s unique rare animal — Yunnan golden monkeys.

“Go-Yunnan” has opened two channels of slow lives in Baima Snow Mountain Yunnan Golden Monkey Nature Reserve.Guofeng Wang from the Business Department of “Go-Yunnan” slow lives said, “We hope to improve our awareness of protecting Yunnan golden monkeys through 24-hour display of their living state. ”

Plus, “Go-Yunnan” also promoted the slow lives of Meri Snow Mountain. Netizens can have an overall view of Meri Snow Mountain and appreciate the spectacular golden sunrise mountain from the best perspective lens.

To find the best “point position” In order to do a good job of slow lives of Yunnan golden monkeys, Guofeng Wang and Mengqi Zhou, persons in charge of slow lives of “Go-Yunnan” made a first-hand investigation of more than 60 point positions where monkeys tend to spend their time in the reserve and selected two as the live broadcast point positions.

“We also have someone to act as a monkey. After more than ten times of simulative live broadcast, zoom lens and tracking to capture the object movements, we finally determined the best point position “, said Mengqi Zhou.

They invite famous photographers, cameramen from Yunnan Photographers Society, Kunming Photographers Society and Yunnan Tourism Photography Association to form an expert advisory team to discuss with Yunnan Branch, China Tower Group on how to select point positions; they walk a week to cross mountains to make the field investigation; all these are all in the day’s work for Guofeng Wang, Mengqi Zhou and their colleagues. 

To find the different beauty in Yunnan

Terrace in January, snow mountain in February, rape flower in March… No matter which season it is, as long as you open “Go-Yunnan”App slow lives, you can find the different beauty of four seasons in Yunnan.

At present, platform “Go-Yunnan”has access to over 1400 channels of slow lives?which covers 16 cities, prefectures in Yunnan, over 95% A-grade scenic spots and a host of characteristic non-A-grade scenic spots and urban landscapes.

In order to enrich the content of live broadcast, “Go-Yunnan”has encouraged a broad range of live broadcast of activities based on the point position of slow live broadcast. The slow live broadcast of Meri Snow Mountain will engage in live broadcast of activities in conjunction with the local tourism festivals, folk, character and story highlights in order to make the contents of live broadcast richer and more vivid.