Heathrow announces extended summer getaway season

Heathrow has announced its summer getaway schedule for 2020, offering travellers and holidaymakers increased choice in direct, short-haul travel.

Heathrow’s new summer network follows airlines’ decision to consolidate some of their operations into the UK’s Hub Airport. While most of the summer routes are being offered by Heathrow’s biggest carrier – British Airways, the airport has also welcomed new carriers, such as Czech Airlines.

Passengers flying from Heathrow now have a choice of over 25 new sunny, short-haul and low-cost leisure destinations to fly directly to, including numerous routes that are new to the airport – Dubrovnik, Genoa and Verona. Holidaymakers looking for a beach getaway are offered over 13 weekly flights to Greece via Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Heraklion. For passengers planning an Italian vacation and riviera waters, there are 10 weekly flights to Naples and three weekly flights to Genoa. And for those looking to stay closer to home, there are now five weekly flights to the Cornish coast, via Newquay and 21 weekly flights to Jersey for an island break.

The airport’s new routes come after strict safety protocols and the adoption of advanced technologies to protect passengers and colleagues from the risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19 at the airport. This includes UV technology to ensure the continuous disinfection of moving handrails, UV-ray cleaning robots, and self-cleaning anti-viral wraps fitted to security trays. ‘Fly Safe Pit Stop’ points are now available across the airport, where passengers can pick up face masks, anti-viral wipes and hand sanitiser free of charge.

Ross Baker, Heathrow’s Chief Commercial Officer said: ‘Heathrow is ready for another summer getaway season, with new technology and processes now in place to ensure our passengers are safe to fly. With our departure boards filling up with short-haul, low-cost destinations, travellers may be surprised with what’s on offer at the UK’s Hub airport and find themselves at Heathrow’s doors for the first time. Whether you are new to the airport, or if we are welcoming you back, Heathrow is ready to help you travel to reunite with your friends and family, to visit somewhere exciting and new, or to find some much-needed calm and relaxation.’

The food and retail experience at Heathrow Airport has also been transformed ahead of the summer schedule. In line with UK Government guidance, a wide range of retail is now open, from World Duty Free and Dixons Travel to the Harry Potter Shop. All shops, cafes and restaurants accept contactless payment, and by using the Heathrow app and Heathrow Boutique service passengers can ensure an entirely contact-free experience, ordering takeaway food to pick up and pre-reserving items before even getting to the airport.