Brits’ perfect hotel is just ’22 minutes from airport’

A recent travel survey has unveiled what British holidaymakers want most from their ideal holiday this year, with the old favourites, sun, sea and sand still proving to be the most popular desires for travellers. However, the results of the survey also reveal that British holidaymakers are becoming much more specific when it comes to their holiday wants, with such variants as temperature, the time of year and the duration of the holiday being the most important aspects to many holidaymakers, say Beat the Brochure.

Daniel Ox of Beat The Brochure says: “This new study, which questioned 2,000 British holidaymakers, has shown that Brits are becoming a lot more specific in their holiday wants, with a two-week family break in Europe being the most popular choice for travellers. While this choice may not come as a surprise to many holidaymakers or travel insiders, what really makes this poll interesting is the fact that the study pinpointed the perfect temperature for the respondents, which was 27 degrees, with the respondents stating that they wanted to get at least nine hours of sunlight a day on holiday.”

As well as these exact specifications for the temperature and hours of sunlight per day, the poll revealed that British holidaymakers don’t want to travel too far from home, as they were only prepared to take a flight that would last a maximum of five hours, which would keep them in Europe. While they didn’t want to stray outside of Europe, where they could choose holidays in the Canary Islands, they also didn’t want the arrival airport to be far away from their hotel or resort.

Ox continues: “According to the survey, British holidaymakers want their hotel to be a 22 minute drive from the airport, which they would travel to in a hire car. Once settled on the hotel, the respondents also stated that they wanted to spend at least 4 of the 14 days sunbathing by the hotel pool, while a another four days would be spent on day trips to local attractions, sightseeing, and a further two days would be spent shopping for gifts and clothes. So while the respondents are set on some very exact criteria for their holiday, they were happy to book very traditional European breaks, such as Ibiza holidays, which shows that Europe is still a very popular choice for British travellers.”