Blackpool’s Golden Mile is set to be renamed

Blackpool’s Golden Mile is famous for its illuminations, amusement arcades and fish and chips, but it is now set to be renamed in an attempt to rid the resort of its tacky reputation.

The seafront will soon be known as Queen Elizabeth Promenade, following a £100million project to improve the area.

Peter Callow, the leader of the council, said: “Our new promenade is going to be world class so we believe it deserves a new title.”

The project includes improved walkways, ‘Spanish-style’ steps from the promenade to the beach and a new open-air events space, the Tower Festival Headland.

A new wedding venue and tourist information centre will also open this autumn.

The council have also announced that the number of licences for lap dancing clubs will be cut from 12 to two to help improve Blackpool’s reputation.

The resort will also see American animation come to town as the Pleasure Beach is set to build a new zone based on the US entertainment channel Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon Land will have 14 rides based on characters such as Dora The Explorer, The Rugrats, and SpongeBob Square Pants, who is set to be the star attraction.

Work on Nickelodeon Land will begin when the Pleasure Beach’s main summer season is finished this autumn.