45% of NZ Residents Plan to Travel Internationally in Next 6 Months

According to a survey by retail group Fly Buys, almost half of all New Zealand residents plan to travel overseas in the next six months. The survey was carried out with participation from travel industry groups within the country, including New Zealand’s Tourism Industry Association and a variety of independent travel operators.

The data is far from surprising, given the country’s relative isolation and relatively high rate of emigration. Nearby Australia topped the list of proposed destinations for New Zealand families, with almost half of those polled showing an interest in visiting the country. Travellers have also voiced plans to visit the United States and Pacific destinations such as Fiji.

It’s good news for the nation’s travel industry, which has reported a significant decline in overall profits due to limited consumer spending. New Zealand’s export-heavy economy has been hurt throughout the financial crisis, with the country’s currency losing almost half of its value when compared to the euro or United States dollar.

But with employment on the rise, it appears that the travel industry is regaining its prior position as a major player in the country’s economy. Domestic travel rates were also up, with almost 90 percent of residents planning to travel within the country during the next six months. Leisure travel tops the list of reasons, with international shopping and relaxation breaks proving popular for Kiwis.

As expected, finances were listed as the major setback for those wishing to travel more. With fairly high past unemployment figures and limited consumer spending, the slump in travel figures within the country is one that’s reflected internationally. For financially troubled international travel firms, we’re betting that the quick recovery in New Zealand’s travel industry is one that spreads globally.