Why Should You Visit Istanbul this Summer?

When summer comes, most people’s minds fill with images of seas with crystal clear, turquoise waters and they can even smell their saltiness or feel their feet sink in golden sand. Many people wait for their summer break so that they can turn this fantasy into a reality. They usually search for islands, thinking how relaxing it would be to spend whole days doing nothing.

If you are seriously thinking about it, you will get your money’s worth by visiting a place that offers plenty of opportunities to not only relax but also broaden your horizons. Istanbul is the perfect place for that. You don’t believe us?! Below you will find four reasons why Istanbul is the perfect summer destination.

Reason 1: Both European and Asian

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. Turkey is the link between two powerful continents, Europe and Asia. This is evident in the capital city since it is divided into two sides, the European and Asian sides. The Asian one was the first to be established as there were settlements even before the Byzantine times. The European one is equally important when it comes to historic attractions and monuments while it is also the one that attracts the most tourists. If you want to save some time and explore all the sides and hidden gems of the city, you should hire a car. By booking a car with Enjoy Travel, you can be certain that you will have a reliable car to take you all around Istanbul while you also save money from bus tickets and taxi fares that you can spend on touristy activities.

Reason 2: Full of History

As it was briefly mentioned, Istanbul is a city that you will need several days to get to know and grasp the years and years of history. The fact that it is known as The City of Four Empires reveals the significant role that it has played in world history over the centuries. It is worth mentioning that these four empires are the Roman, the Byzantine, the Latin, and the Ottoman. If you stroll around the city, you will find physical evidence of all those periods.

Reason 3: Shop Whatever your Heart Desires

As a metropolis, you can find whatever you may want in Istanbul. There are shopping malls with well-known European and American brands. You should spend more time and money in local businesses as sellers can tell you all about the great Turkish products that you should try. You must visit the Grand Bazaar, which is the oldest market in the city.

Reason 4: Delicious food

Turkey is famous for its amazing local cuisine, and Istanbul is full of restaurants that serve authentic Turkish meals. Whether you are a sweet or savory person, you will find your next favorite food there. The most beloved Turkish dishes are döner, köfte, dolma, borek and imam bay?ld?. As for desserts, you have to try baklava, lokum, Turkish delights, and Kazan dibi.