3 Tips for Air Travellers in 2022

With the pandemic causing havoc over the last two years, many of us will be embarking on our first holiday for quite some time.

For some, this could be a source of nerves – for an anxious traveller, there is much to prepare ahead of your journey,

While we can’t guarantee you a smooth ride, we can offer you these three simple tips for air travellers embarking on summer holidays in 2022 – take a look!

1. Check advice before you travel

Many airports have faced unavoidable chaos and unfortunately for many travellers, there have been few solutions.

Last-minute mix-ups can occur, but you can sometimes fend off misfortune – or at least, stay prepared – by keeping tabs on the travel advice. FlightAware features an online tracker to help travellers find delays in airports across the globe.

And if you feel better preparing in advance, there are plenty of resources out there for what to do if your flight ends up being delayed or cancelled.

2. Keep yourself occupied

It’s easy to underestimate the toll of a long flight.

But when you find yourself cramped into a small space, potentially next to a stranger, your travels can become claustrophobic.

Don’t leave yourself bored – if you have a tablet, you can download a few films onto it. Alternatively, think outside the box with your entertainment. You could even use the opportunity to get a little work done, or squeeze in some study if you’re learning via an online degree (ARU Distance Learning are amongst the UK’s most popular and experienced providers).

And if you’re travelling with children, don’t forget to pack something for them – little legs can get restless aboard planes, and a book, game or toy that keeps their minds occupied will help with those wriggles and fidgets.

3. Check time zones in advance

It’s great to venture a little further afield and explore less typical holiday destinations.

But travelling between time zones can often leave you with jet lag, costing you a day or two of your holidays as you recover.

It’s always a good idea to check the differences in time zones before you travel. Tips for avoiding jet lag can include planning your sleep schedule around your flight (taking into account the time you land), staying hydrated, and consuming plenty of fresh fruit and veg to give your body the nutrients and energy it needs.

It’s also a good idea to plan your outfit around the weather of your destination – no one wants to step off the plane clad in wintery garb, only to be greeted by a 35-degree heat. Likewise, you don’t want to be dressed for summer only to discover the weather has let you down on day one.

Happy travelling! We hope our tips help your summer holidays happen without a hitch.