Are Sea-Based Vacations Back in Season?

Taking to the sea is a timeless holiday option, with variety, adventure, and relaxation at the heart of each experience. You get to voyage in style and take in different countries to enjoy versatile cultures, cuisines, and sights, all in one exquisite trip. However, in 2020, the pandemic led to a pause in global tourism. The Economics Observatory states that travel and tourism accounted for 10% of the global GDP and over 320 million jobs worldwide pre-pandemic. By 2021 the industry was threatened with a potential loss of around 75 million jobs and $2.1 trillion (£1.79 trillion) in revenue.

Today, the industry is coming back stronger than ever, with developments for greater safety, efficiency, and enjoyment — and sea-based travel is no exception.

Travel industry forecasts are looking optimistic

Travellers seeking to venture into more temperate climates to enjoy vacations on the sea or near the shore are in luck, as countries around the world are eager to welcome back visitors. This is because, despite its momentary dip in 2020, the tourism sector is beginning to flourish again. In fact, 71% of citizens in Europe declared their intent to travel this year.

As major holiday destinations known for their seas and beaches (such as Indonesia, Greece, and Spain) begin to ease their travel restrictions, many will find that the tourism landscape has shifted to accommodate them.

Why so many sea holidays are being booked today

Travellers eager to pursue their postponed vacation plans have a great reason to be confident, as resorts and travel agencies have adjusted their offerings to expand traveller safety and provide more exclusive services. The New York Times even reported that a key travel trend in 2022 was how sea-based vacations had been optimised to soothe travellers’ worries. As a result, many are taking to the seas to escape the constraints of land and voyage to unique bucket list destinations — all the while avoiding large crowds.

Popular sea-based vacation options today

Cold-weather sea journeys

Adventurous travellers looking for more unorthodox paths are in luck with the rising popularity of cold-weather sea travel. For example, Ocean Independence has seen an uptick in the number of travellers taking sea trips to Norway and Antarctica. Another popular destination is Alaska. Explora, which offers luxury trips around the region, highlights how Alaska’s natural landscape is the biggest draw. The state features a wide expanse of pristine, untouched nature from soaring mountains, Arctic tundras, freezing oceans, and vibrant wildlife. With brilliant seascapes and marine life, gliding through Norwegian, Alaskan, or Southern waters will be an unforgettable experience.

Coastal sailing holiday

If the idea of drifting across breezy emerald seas by day and anchoring at some of the world’s most scenic and vibrant cities by night sounds appealing to you, then a sailing holiday might just be your perfect getaway!

A classic destination for coastal sailing is Greece, where historic shores and numerous welcoming islands can open you up to a new adventure every day. You can venture from coast to coast and explore the unique wonders of each island, stopping by renowned locations like Mykonos, Ithaca, and Santorini. Upon docking, there’s plenty to discover whether you enjoy food, music, or history. Some other popular destinations that are just as tempting are Croatia, Malta, and the Bahamas.

If you want to truly be one with nature, these options will be perfect for you!

Now could be a very ideal time to book an ocean-based trip for a refreshing getaway from daily life. If you’re wondering where you could possibly start with your travel plans, you can find a wealth of information here on Travel News to guide you!