The ultimate itinerary for London in the winter

If you’re planning a trip to London during the winter months, you’ve picked the right time. The city is thriving with festivities, tourists and activities, despite the potentially gloomy weather. Throughout these periods, London can be hectic and filled with individuals also looking to experience the wonders of the capital of England, so expect busy streets and public transport.

Getting to London can be relatively hassle-free if you prepare in advance. Trains to London Kings Cross are frequent and depart from a variety of locations around the country, meaning you can organise your transport in advance and decide on a time that suits your schedule. There is so much to do here and fitting it all into a few days can be a struggle, which is why we have produced our ultimate guide to London, so you don’t have to worry.

Look Around the Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets in London are well-known for their extravagance and perfect blend of festive trimmings, holiday jingles and cosy stalls. The Southbank Christmas Market is located beside the Thames; here, you can find a plethora of handmade gifts and sustainable produce – perfect when buying gifts for the family is not your forte. These markets are situated near the London Eye, meaning you can enjoy a slow journey around the landmark whilst taking in the sights below.

There is also the Kingston Christmas Market that hosts traditional cabins and creates a Nordic feel, with the intention that visitors experience the festivities the right way. Take a break and enjoy a large stein of warm cider or a mulled wine whilst setting up camp next to a crackling log fire.

Walk through the Parks

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, you need to take a brisk walk through of one the main parks or gardens that London has to offer. Although most of the trees and shrubs will have shed for the winter, you can still admire the grandeur of the magnificent open areas. The most popular choices for tourists are Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, where you can visit the Albert Memorial and observe the local wildlife. During the festive period, Hyde Park is transformed into the renowned Winter Wonderland, which is littered with Christmas-themed stalls, fairground rides and foods and beverages – a must-see experience if you’re in the area!

Visit the Museums

Maybe the weather isn’t as you expected, and the outdoors is a no-go for the duration of your travels. In these instances, you could visit one of many of London’s famous museums. The National History Museum is one of the most famous and is free to enter, bar some of the special exhibitions and events. Here, you will find a variety of taxonomy and biodiversity discovered over the years. At the front of the venue, you can also find an ice-skating rink, decorated with fairy lights and a large Christmas tree.

For the art lovers, the Victoria and Albert Museum is home to millions of applied and decorative arts, displayed in 145 galleries from ancient times to present day. Be prepared to spend a whole day here as the museum covers 12.5 acres of land.