Spain still the cheapest place to holiday

A new poll commissioned by Post Office Travel Money has shown that holidays to Spain are the most affordable for holidaymakers, with a typical basket of holiday essentials, such as food, drink and sun protection costing 42.15 pounds Sterling, much less than it would have cost in other popular holiday destinations in Europe and beyond. The survey, which was undertaken in 14 counties around the world, revealed that the pound is worth so much more than it was last year. So with the pound stretching further in Spain, it should be at the top of the list for holidaymakers who want to save as much money as possible, say

Ian Raine,, comments: “While the cost of ten holiday essentials in Spain may seem a little expensive, it is relatively cheap when compared to the cost of the same items in other destinations, as the same items would cost 92.81 pounds in Miami Beach, and 77.01 pounds in Brighton. This is a huge reduction in price compared to the other examples, and it shows that even the most cost conscious traveller can easily budget for a holiday to Spain.”

According to the survey, the price of a basket of goods, which includes food, cigarettes alcohol and sunscreen in Spain is now 15% less than last year’s most popular holiday destination, Portugal. In fact, other popular destinations in Europe were among some of the most expensive, with the same items bought in France costing 81.48 pounds. Prices in Spain have stayed at the same level since 2010, when they were 36% lower than in 2007, and in Europe, the same amount of holiday cash will buy the same amount of Euros as it did last year, with 1 pound getting around 1.06 Euros, which is all the more reason to look for the cheapest holidays to spain.

Raine continues: “The pound is particularly strong this year, and the Post Office Travel Money survey shows that travellers will be able to get a lot more for their money this year, particularly in Europe, where prices have been slashed considerably. However, while many countries in Europe will be much cheaper for tourists this year, Spain represents the best value for money for Brits this year. So with the extra holidays during April coming up, and the Summer fast approaching, the cost of all-inclusive Majorca may not be as expensive as people may think this year, which is of course, fantastic news for every holidaymaker.”