Victor Olerskiy: Vodohod Ships

Victor Olerskiy serves as Chairman of the Board of Vodohod Ships. Russia’s leading river cruise specialist, the company operates five different classes of ship.

For much of the global community, despite its landmass covering approximately one eighth of the planet, Russia remains something of a mystery. Rich in natural wonders, cultural intrigue and history, Russia is a must-visit destination that features prominently on the bucket lists of many seasoned travellers.

Russia has much to offer visitors. From exploring its historic churches to authentic tea ceremonies, around every corner is a new, unforgettable experience. The true magic of Russia lies in its uniqueness, presenting experiences unlike anything visitors have ever witnessed before.

Russia boasts a vast network of spectacular rivers and lakes that are an attraction in themselves. Moscow’s canals offer a unique viewpoint for observing the city’s historic sights. Meanwhile, brilliant ice-blue waterfalls cascade down Plutorana Plateau’s mountainous outcrops, while tiny islands float in the expansive Lake Ladoga.

From Moscow and St Petersburg’s twisted-spire churches and union top buildings to a 45,000-year-old mammoth and frescoes by Dionisius, in Russia, there is something new to discover around every corner.

Russia’s largest cruise operator, Vodohod, is a full-service river cruise tour operator. For 18 years the company has been organising unforgettable cruises for visitors, incorporating some of the country’s most iconic and interesting cities and locations. Vodohod strives to deliver impeccable service, maintaining the very highest quality standards. The company is committed to increasing the profile of cruising within the tourism industry as a modern and comfortable way of experiencing new countries.

The undisputed leader of Russia’s cruise industry, Vodohod also ranks as one of the  top European cruise operators in terms of passenger capacity and number of fleet units. Each year, somewhere in the region of 110,000 passengers travel aboard Vodohod ships. In 2021, the Russian cruise company was recognised as the ‘Industry Leader’ among the nation’s top passenger cruise companies.

Incorporating 12 ships in total, the Vodohod fleet is divided into three star, four star and five star options. Whichever the passenger selects, they are assured of an unforgettable holiday experience.

To maintain the highest possible standard of service, Vodohod regularly overhauls its fleet, renovating it to the highest standards. Since 2018, the cruise company has implemented a fleet renovation programme, upgrading up to three vessels per year and investing in top-spec interior solutions, spacious cabins and modern design to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for all Vodohod guests.

In addition to maintaining its fleet to the highest standards, Vodohod continually adds new destinations to its itineraries, enabling guests to explore some of the most interesting corners of Russia. It has been possible to explore both the Black and Azov Seas aboard the five star Mustai Karim since 2020. In addition, in 2022, the company began operating cruises between Moscow and Kazan and Rostov-on-Don in addition to its classic cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg, enabling visitors to experience the rich history, unique architecture and tantalising cuisine of these fascinating new cities.