Have an adventure… not a holiday

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Bored of lying next to a pool, maybe swimming with sharks takes your fancy, or white water rafting in Nepal?

Then the first place you should visit is new search engine: www.pocketvillage.com. This brilliant website offers thousands of intriguing options for your next trip away, for unusual tours, activities and places to stay offered trough other adventure travel provider’s.

One of the best parts of this website is the ‘inspire me’ section, click on this and you can add you preferences to the sort of location you want and the activities you would like, cleverly there is also the option to include your daily budget – the result is list of highly relevant destinations.

Click on ‘what’ and your given a comprehensive list of every activity you could think of, click the one you want and you’ll be directed to the best places in the world for your specific activity.

Click ‘where’ and you can chose your destination of choice, options also allow you to limit options by country, duration and budget.

The variety of activities and tours is huge. For example check out Finland and you”ll be presented with thirty three suggestions, including an arctic adventure suitable for the whole family, a sports activity holiday or a rip to Lapland to meet Santa.

There are a couple of flaws however, at present is that prices are shown in euro’s, not pounds, and don’t expect to be able to narrow down your geographical location to much, for example you can’t search for Scotland, under UK.