Travel Smarter with These 6 Money-Saving Tips for Airport Hotels

Once you have decided that you want to go on holiday or a business trip to a specific destination, there is a series of questions that you have to answer and then act upon them. One of the most serious ones is related to where you will spend the night(s). A valid option that many people choose is airport hotels. We would highly recommend them if you follow our top money-saving tips.

Tip 1: What are your requirements?

Before you book a hotel room, you should know what services you want to be included in so that you can immediately ignore the ones that don’t have them. For example, you may require a gym or a parking spot. There is no point in staying at and paying for a cheaper hotel because you will probably end up spending more money looking for independent businesses to satisfy your needs.

Tip 2: Compare and contrast airport hotels

There are A LOT of hotels near airports. The first tip will help you distinguish the ones that are in your league. The next step is to compare and contrast your top options so that you can find the one. In order to successfully complete this step you will need to compile a list of their greatest advantages. If you visit and search for hotels at the airport of your choice, you will get a comprehensive list letting you know about the prices, the distance from the airport, if a shuttle transfer is offered and many other important things. By studying these lists, you will be able to discover the best airport hotel for you.

Tip 3: Look for discounts online

Airport hotels —and all kinds of businesses for that matter— want to attract new customers and make them come back again and again. A way to succeed in this mission is by providing potential customers with discount codes or special offers. Where can you find such promotional actions? On the brand’s social media accounts and its newsletter. Following and subscribing to these platforms is free, so you have literally nothing to lose.

Tip 4: Go for the breakfast option

Most hotels charge visitors who choose to have breakfast at the hotel. However, the increase in the price will probably prove to be worthwhile as you would spend much more money if you were to eat outside all the days of your trip.

Tip 5: Check for package deals

Besides food, many hotels offer airport-related services along with a comfortable stay in an effort to make travellers’ lives easier. For example, you may be allowed to park your car there even if you are not staying at the hotel or you may be transferred from or to the airport. You will see that booking a hotel package will be cheaper than arranging everything separately.

Tip 6: Reviews, reviews, reviews

Businesses know many ways to manage their online reputation. If you want to ensure that the services offered will actually be as great as they are presented on the hotel’s website, you should look for reviews online.