London Stansted unveils the must-see firework festivals for 2024

As Guy Fawkes Night approaches, London Stansted Airport invites all firework enthusiasts to explore a curated list of the most spectacular firework festivals across Europe and the Middle East.

Inviting travellers for a journey across borders and cultures, the airport shares insights into the top nine vibrant and explosive celebrations set to light up the skies.

From the grandeur of Dubai’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, officially recognized as the world’s largest display by the Guinness Book of Records, to the historic Bastille Day commemorations in France in July, these festivals promise breathtaking displays of pyrotechnic artistry and cultural significance.

The Cannes Firework Festival, held annually in July, transforms the skies over Cannes into a canvas of stunning pyrotechnics. Likewise, Valencia’s Las Fallas paints the streets alive with a riot of colours, music, and fireworks, culminating in a grand display on the final night.

Barcelona’s Festes de la Merce in September and Venice’s Festa del Redentore in July offer unique cultural experiences with dazzling fireworks that light up the night skies. Additionally, the Luminara di san Ranieri in Pisa held on June 16, adorns the city with thousands of candles, accompanied by an impressive fireworks display.

Reykjavik, Iceland, provides a distinct New Year’s Eve experience where locals orchestrate their own dazzling fireworks display, making it a one-of-a-kind celebration. Lastly, Zurich’s Sechselauten Festival in spring marks the changing seasons with a medieval parade and the burning of an 11-foot-tall snowman effigy filled with fireworks.

For further details on flight connections and more information about these incredible firework festivals accessible from London Stansted, travellers may visit the airport’s website or connect with the respective airlines offering direct flights.

Emirates offers direct service to Dubai and Play Airlines to Reykjavik, while easyJet offers direct service to Zurich, and Ryanair operates direct flights to all other destinations.