Aurigny introduces new Guernsey-London City Airport route

Aurigny, the Guernsey-based airline, has announced plans for a new route connecting Guernsey to London City Airport.

Aurigny’s introduction of the Guernsey-London City Airport route signifies a strategic move to enhance connectivity and facilitate business and leisure travel between the two regions. With a tailored flight schedule and a focus on meeting the needs of both weekday commuters and weekend travellers, this initiative will streamline travel access for travellers to over 30 destinations across the UK and Europe.

Aurigny Chief Executive Nico Bezuidenhout said: ‘Many businesses on our beautiful island work closely with their London counterparts with regular meetings in the City and East London.

Direct flights to this airport will benefit these businesses and anyone who wishes to jump on the London Underground to explore attractions.’

Commencing from March end, Aurigny will operate regular flights to London City Airport. Weekday flights will depart Guernsey at 8:30 am, reaching London around 9:00 am, facilitating convenient morning travel. Return flights from London to Guernsey will depart at 7:20 pm, allowing day visitors to make a round trip.

While Saturday services are unavailable, Sunday flights will cater to afternoon travellers, enhancing weekend travel options.