Brittany Ferries – Brits seek winter sun escapes amidst rising living costs

Brittany Ferries – As winter grips the UK and concerns over escalating living expenses loom large, an increasing number of Brits are opting for winter sun getaways to lift their spirits.

Recent data from Brittany Ferries indicates a notable 54 percent surge in demand for extended one, two, or three-month holidays over the past two years.

This winter season, a total of 510 sail-and-stay holiday packages have been booked, with sought-after destinations including the Algarve, Costa del Sol, and Costa del Azahar. This reflects a significant uptick from the 331 bookings recorded for the same period two years ago.

Brittany Ferries attributes this surge to the allure of sun-drenched locales and the financial considerations of staying at home amidst mounting gas and electricity bills. With the average monthly gas and electricity bill for a three-bedroom house in the UK reported to be around GBP262, the appeal of a winter sun break in Spain becomes more compelling.

‘Why spend winter in the UK, when you can enjoy a break of one, two or three months in locations like the Algarve or Costas, at a price that can be offset by savings at home,’ said Paul Acheson, group director of sales and marketing Brittany Ferries. ‘That’s a question many customers are answering with a long-stay in Spain or Portugal.’

Winter sun packages in Spanish resorts start at just GBP678, with Portugal offering a lead-in price of GBP708 per person. These packages include self-catering accommodation with onsite leisure facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts, along with a return cruise-ferry to Spain included in the price.

Some holidaymakers are even covering the entire cost of their winter getaway by renting out their property back home. According to Air B&B figures, a two-bedroom home in Portsmouth can command a weekly rental of GBP714. This means that a couple could cover the cost of a three-month winter sun break by renting their home for just six weeks.

‘It involves a little bit of admin, but it’s very do-able,’ added Acheson. ‘The most savvy travellers could actually make a winter sun break pay them. Rent received for your home in the UK, could actually be paying for another cocktail by the pool in the Algarve.’