Destinations for your Star Sign – Let Uranus Decide

With just two weeks to go before the next long weekend, the UK’s leading website for flight price search and comparison provides travellers with new ways to be inspired in the search for their next short break. With a world of destination choices including flights to Lanzarote, Rome, and other European spots, the site can help customers narrow down the options for their next trip.

“Having polled different star signs internally to uncover their travel personality, we found that while individual tastes may vary in general, the ideal destination choices that were made shared many of the same characteristics as their horoscope personas,” says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for

“Personally, while I’m not typical of my own sign, I found that the starry description fit my travel personality incredibly accurately,” adds Hallak.

So whether you’re a fiery Aries, earthy Taurean, aquatic Scorpio, or airy Aquarius, put a little ‘horo’ in your travel scope for the upcoming long weekend and be inspired by destinations to match your personality.

Here we explore 5 of the 12 star signs and what their ideal destinations would be for a short break as well as what their dream destinations are for a more extended holiday.

TAURUS: Taureans love their comforts. An earth sign, they don’t like to stray too far into the unknown. Routine and familiarity is prized highly by Taurean travellers. You got a beach? They’ll laze there, all day long. Taureans are also drawn to the natural world. Getting back to basics, where true values hold sway, is important.

Destinations ideal for short breaks: Paris, Rome, Tallinn

Dream destinations: Auckland, Hawaii

SCORPIO: Dynamic, passionate and independent, Scorpios make great solo travellers. They’re drawn to exotic destinations, diverse landscapes and plenty of colour. There should also be lots going on so that Scorpio travellers can expend all that energy they have. They like structured holidays, but not so much that every moment is accounted for. A holiday that combines some type of personal growth (a yoga course, for example) in a beautiful setting is heaven.

Destinations ideal for short breaks: Barcelona, Crete, Sardinia

Dream destinations: Argentina, Maldives

CANCER: Another home-loving sign. Not surprising when you consider that its symbol is a crab. Wherever they go, their house – and all who live there – come too. Holidays with loved ones in destinations that deliver on comfort and the good things in life are high on their list.

Destinations for short breaks: Budapest, Bodrum, the Greek Isles

Dream destinations: Amman, St. Petersburg, Lebanon

LEO: Leos know their place. It’s in the sun. The destination they choose to holiday in should be just as stunning as they are, but not more so. Leos love to be admired and you’ll find the skimpiest of beach wear in their suitcases as they climb aboard flights to Miami and similar, sun kissed destinations glamorous enough to show off their toned physiques and all-round gorgeousness.

Destinations for short breaks: South of France, Capri, Monaco

Dream destinations: Miami, Seychelles

GEMINI: Gemini sets the pace on holiday and it’s a fast one. Energetic, adventurous and brimming over with childlike curiosity, they need constant stimulation, lots to see and do, and other travellers. Gemini travellers need more than just a beautiful beach. Ideally they’d have a beach, with a small village close by, preferably with mountains, ruins and museums and a metropolis for urban adventures.

Destinations for short breaks: Tuscany, Provence, Valencia

Dream destinations: Egypt, South America