More Bang for Your Buck in Places Named ‘Independence’

A strong Dollar to Pound exchange rate means better value for money on holidays in the US, so take advantage and combine it with a holiday to watch spectacular firework displays this coming 4th July. The UK’s leading website for travel search and comparison guides travellers towards unique destinations that are appropriately named for the occasion.

“With every US Dollar equivalent to around 60 pence and budget still taking precedence over any other factor when it comes to holiday destination, the US is the perfect place to go for Brits this summer, cutting ground costs down by almost half,” says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert

The imminent arrival of Independence Day creates the perfect opportunity to head to the US and kick off a cost saving summer. For a taste of true American patriotism, travellers can head to towns, streets and monuments that honour independence with their very name.

Independence Avenue, Washington DC

Where better to experience Independence Day than in the capital city itself? Home to the UK’s recent visitors, President Obama and his First Lady, the celebrations in DC are the nation’s most famous. They start from first thing in the morning with a parade along Constitution Avenue and culminate in a glorious fireworks display over the Washington Monument. Visitors can enjoy heading to the White House Visitor Centre for games, crafts and other celebrations as well as concerts on the Washington Monument grounds and Capitol Hill. Also, not to be missed is a visit to Independence Avenue located along the Mall where the parade takes place. Historic sites on the Avenue include the famous and breath-taking Library of Congress, the United States Botanic Garden, and Capitol Hill. Flights to Washington DC in July start from just £415 return including taxes.

Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia

For those who’d like to get to know the Declaration of Independence in its authenticity, this is the place to visit. The Park is where both the Declaration and the Constitution were written. Being situated in the city of Philadelphia meant that it also served as the nation’s first capital. Today, the buildings have been preserved for the enjoyment of visitors who can explore the museum, library, historical documents and take a step back in time to witness how and where the declaration that “all men were created equal” was established. Flights to Philadelphia in July start from £420 return including taxes.

Independence Missouri

Hailed as the US’ biggest town named Independence, it’s also the hometown of famous US President Harry S. Truman and pays tribute to him with various tourist attractions including his home, library and museum, farm, walking tour of Truman’s favourite sites, and even a mobile phone tour of his neighbourhood. The town is also steeped in history offering a Wagon Swales and Walking Trail tour, an 1859 Jail Marshal’s Home and Museum, and various Civil War sites. Flights to Missouri in July start from £454 return including taxes.

Independence California

This rural town boasts the deepest valley in North America (deeper than the Grand Canyon) amid what are widely acknowledged as the world’s most striking mountain ranges. Given its name, it’s no surprise that the 4th of July is an important event here, recognised by a ‘traditional celebration,’ starting with a flag raising ceremony at 6:15 a.m. and running right into the night. Activities include a pancake breakfast, sporting events, an arts and crafts show, a parade, a barbeque, live music and a spectacular display of fireworks after dark. Flights to California in July start from just £434 return including taxes.

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