Searches for Last Minute Low Cost Spanish Holidays on the Increase

Companies have recently reported that there has been a significant rise in the amount of British tourists looking for cheap last minute holidays in Spain.

Although Brits have always had Spain as a main stay for their summer holidays, it seems more people are jumping on board with the idea, with many more people searching for last minute holiday deals.

Reasons seem to be varying as to why people are holding off for those last minute holidays and why Spain has again become a much bigger turn on for British tourists than in previous years. Places that cater to these types of holidays, like the Costa Del Sol for example, have always been seen as a ‘British resort in the sun’ with flocks of people choosing to visit there or even move out and try to live a life in sunnier climates.

Now though, people are finding more and more out about the beautiful locations accessible to them through package holidays and more people are holding out to the final minute to try and secure the best deals.
Take for example the Cala D’or in Majorca. A beautiful place that Brits flock to, with beautiful beaches and activities it’s a location that can be perfect for that relaxing holiday that many people want.

Cala D’or is not alone in pulling people to Spain though; there are over 40 areas alone that can offer last minute holidays in the sun.

Another obvious reason that can’t be overlooked is money; people’s budgets are much tighter now than in previous years and holidays notoriously become cheaper the closer they are to the travel date. Last minute holidays, especially in locations such as Spain, can cost a fraction of other types of holidays and with the tighter budgets and the need for us Brits to get away from everything for a couple of weeks, Spain is looking like a much greater option to people who may not have necessarily looked there previously.

Without thinking about money and how cheap holidays in Spain can be you can’t overlook the beauty of the country as well. Spain has a huge variety of resorts which offer an abundance of different styles of holidays, from your holidays located close to beautiful beaches for that relaxed feel, to your much louder holidays aimed at a much younger demographic.

Spain can offer so much and can keep you and your family occupied. If you are looking for maybe family holidays to Spain or that all inclusive last minute holiday holiday to Spain for you and your partner to relax and not worry about anything, the country can cater to that in a way that is both enjoyable and easy on the pocket.

According to data from Spain’s tourism ministry over one million Brits arrived to the country in April alone. This shows a huge increase in the amount of people flocking to holiday there even before the real holiday season starts. Couple that with information from the UN World Tourism Organisation that over 52.6 million foreigners travelled to Spain in 2010 and it would be safe to say that those figures will only increase for 2011.

Spain did however see a fall in the amount of tourists choosing Spain as a destination in the previous couple of years, so numbers rising are a great sign for them and it just shows how much of a staple Spain is becoming again in the travelling conscious of British tourists.

So overall it seems like last minute holidays to Spain are coming back into the consciousness of holidaying Brits with many more people looking for cheap holiday alternatives, Spain is being seen as the best place for cheaper holidays on the market.