Emigrating to your favourite holidaying destination: Is it really worth it?

Everybody loves their regular vacations. Sunning themselves in Spain or Skiing in the Alps, everybody has their own type of holiday that they love to retreat to at least once a year.

But what happens when people decide to move away on a permanent basis to the places they love? How much of a hassle can it truly be, from fixing your visas to organising your property for International Shipping things can get very messy very quickly if you don’t organise everything suitably.

The pros of moving abroad are obvious. If you have the money and the funding for your first few months before you have a job, the idea can seem extremely attractive to many people. The chance to get out of your humdrum life and into your idea of paradise cannot be sniffed at. For example more and more British citizens are moving to Australia for a piece of the aussie life of sun and barbeques but it’s not always what its hyped up to be.

The problems can start way before you even move, selling your house in these times can be extremely difficult, not many people are looking to buy houses in the current economic state and couple this with the hardship of moving all your stuff to another country.

Overseas removals is a whole other issue when it comes to moving. Moving from one house to a house down the road is difficult enough, when you add miles and miles of terrain between the houses though, it can become a nightmare. International shipping, if you are not careful, can be extremely pricey and if you pick the wrong company you may not get your items to your new house in one piece. This is one of the main areas you need to research carefully if you are going to move permanently to another country. Your possessions, as with most people, are extremely important and thus need a lot of care in transit.

Documentation is another big problem, if in particular you are looking to move to a place like the USA, it can take months and months for Visas to be processed and they can often be declined. Luckily for Brits if you want to move closer to home such as Europe, visas are not needed due to European Citizenship.

Obviously many people will say logistics in any kind of situation can be a pain, no matter if you are going on holiday for two weeks or moving abroad permanently, it can be extremely annoying and time consuming. I do urge people to look more closely at what they are letting themselves in for though, culturally living in a brand new country can be extremely difficult and fitting in is another obstacle.

Many people base their views of a country on their holidays, especially big resorts such as Spain and Greece. You need to be much more cautious in these situations though as often a countries true culture and way of life is masked by tourist destinations, real research and a lot of thought needs to go into the area you are looking to move to.

Overall though, many people would love to move abroad to try a new life in a brand new country that you are in love with and I would encourage any person to look into it. People need to look at it without the rose tinted glasses though, moving countries is a massively important step and real research needs to go into it, just because it is your regular travelling destination or you are a regular tourist to the area, doesn’t mean that you will be suited to the way of life the area will bring on a daily basis.