Brits gain average of 8lb from USA’s large portions

An enjoyable holiday can often leave you with a few extra pounds, as well as the suntan. Delicious foreign food and lazy days in the sun, it’s not surprising holidaymakers pile the pounds.


However, new research has found that the weight gained on a holiday can differ dramatically depending on the destination.


Predictably, the US is one of the worst. Popular all-you-can-eat buffets, enormous portions had lead to many travellers gaining an average of 8lb on a two week trip to the USA.


Following closely in second place is the Caribbean; it’s all-inclusive resorts left many holidaymakers with an average weight increase of 7.4lb on their holiday.


The study has also included France and Spain in the top five, although their portions may not be as large as the US wines, cheese and pasta laden with calories have left those visiting France with an increase of 7.4lb and Italy 7lb.


Four in ten holidaymakers blamed the increases in alcohol consumption whilst away, with one in six admitting they found it difficult to say no to seconds.


Surprisingly half of travellers only realise they have piled on the pounds once home, with one in five not noticing until they see the holiday pics.