Half of Cruisers Don’t Purchase Travel Insurance

A new study by an independent cruise comparison website, CruiseCompare.co.uk, has revealed that more than half, 52%, of cruisers don’t purchase travel insurance for their holiday, however, in contrast, only 13% of holidaymakers who choose ‘beach holidays’ admitted to not purchasing travel insurance for their trip.


The research, conducted by http://www.CruiseCompare.co.uk, was part of a study into the attitudes holidaymakers have towards purchasing travel insurance and certain aspects of the bookings process. 1,281 holidaymakers were subsequently polled.


Initially, the respondents were asked by CruiseCompare.co.uk, ‘Do you purchase travel insurance when taking a holiday?’ Of the respondents that usually went on a cruise for their holiday, 52%, answered ‘no’.


Furthermore, 13% of the respondents who said ‘beach holidays’ were their usual choice of trip, admitted to not purchasing travel insurance, along with 4% of the respondents who frequently went on skiing holidays.


The respondents to the study who admitted to not purchasing travel insurance for cruises were asked to explain their reasons for their decision.  More than a third, 34%, stated that the reduced risk of ‘luggage going missing’ was why they didn’t feel the need to purchase travel insurance.


Furthermore, less than a fifth, 19%, of the cruisers who admitted to not purchasing travel insurance stated that it was because they were not ‘relying on flights and transfers’. An additional 14% of the cruisers asked admitted that they didn’t purchase holiday insurance because of the ‘safety’ onboard a cruise liner.


According to the results from CruiseCompare.co.uk, more than half, 52%, of the respondents who said that they didn’t go on cruise holidays and also didn’t purchase travel insurance cited that the ‘expense’ of the cover was their reason for not purchasing  the protection.


Danielle Fear, Managing Director of CruiseCompare.co.uk, had the following to say:


“Travel insurance can be an additional expense to a holiday; however I would still strongly suggest purchasing it, as it acts as a great form of protection against a variety of possible scenarios and events, including baggage loss and theft. Much like a person searches for the best possible deal on their holiday price, there are different insurance packages available at varying prices, so it is worth conducting a detailed search for the best possible deal.”


She continued: “If people are considering a cruise holiday I would strongly suggest purchasing some form of insurance, more for peace of mind than anything. There is something magical about a cruise liner and sailing into the sunset, as the holiday is certainly full of adventures. If cruisers are insured, they can rest assured that everything is covered, allowing them to kick back and enjoy the experience