The Ultimate First Class Experience: Emirates’ Private Suites Mix High Roller and High Flyer

For most travellers, long haul flights are an uncomfortable nightmare. From small seats to limited service, the average long distance flight is a task that few wish to repeat. Until last year, travellers had just one option to relieve the stress and discomfort of a long haul flight: buy a first-class ticket and simultaneously triple their fare – a solution that few were willing to pay for.

But Dubai-based airline Emirates Airways may have found the ultimate solution. Priced in excess of £9,000 and aimed at travellers with an eye for extreme luxury, the airline has introduced its private seating range – a collection of onboard private suites that offer travellers privacy and untouchable comfort. The suites are available on a limited number of long-haul flights and special charters.

With a £9,000 base price, they’re certainly not for budget travellers. But what they lack in frugality is more than made up for by the luxury features on offer. Standard private suites include a complete recliner-bed combination seat, a twenty-three inch television set, and over six-hundred channels of on-demand visual entertainment, radio programs, and satellite broadcasts to tune into.

If that’s not enough, they’re also a versatile business centre. Plug in your laptop and you’ll run into free onboard internet service and a private power supply. The suites are aimed at luxury travellers and high-end businesspeople, and it shows – alongside the reclining seat is a desk and small private workspace. While it’s unlikely passengers will be able to work, it’s certainly a nice addition.

It’s unlikely most travellers will step inside an Emirates private suite. It’s even less likely that they’ll even get to spend an entire flight inside one. But for the travel world’s true high roller class, it’s one experience that’s unlikely to be forgotten.