Koh Samui favourite for weddings

Koh Samui, the tropical paradise overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, is fast emerging as a favorite wedding venue of couples around the globe for its boutique ambience, excellent amenities and famous Thai hospitality. However, wedding planning especially abroad is no easy task for couples who are already stressed out with various commitments. This state of affairs motivated Nora Resorts & Hotels to launch a new venture NoraWeddings.com and to come out with wedding packages to simplify the planning process.


Couples who have gone through wedding ceremonies at home will attest to the fact that these events are anything but stress-givers. From coordinating wedding vendors to finding time for fitting sessions and beauty procedures, couples no wonder feel drained by the time they are standing in front of the altar. Troubles worsen when guest list run into miles, forcing couples to stretch the scale of reception. Many couples avoid these hassles by choosing to wed abroad.


Though guests need to be flown in and accommodation taken care of, Samui weddings are less expensive. As modern practices require guests to pay for their trip, couples need to tackle only the last remaining hurdle of organizing the show. This is where NoraWeddings.com pitches in with its vast experience in hotel industry by offering various wedding packages. Nora’s wedding packages come with the services of a wedding planner to oversee arrangement and to guarantee that it takes place without snags.


Thai Wedding package offered by NoraWeddings.com includes a traditional Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony presided over by holy monks. The package provides for the special meals and alms to monks besides flower garlands for bride and groom. Wedding venue décor, wedding cake, wine for toasting, background music and long drum procession with Thai dance come as part of the deal. Wedding ceremony is followed by signing of wedding ceremony certificate and planting of love tree to mark the event. Private candlelight BBQ dinner is a befitting finale to the romantic occasion.


NoraWeddings.com also offers couples the choice to wed in Western-style ceremony or enjoy romance and thrill of both with Thai & Western Wedding package.