Super-size seats now provided at Thorpe Park

Extra large seats are now provided on many of Thorpe Parks most popular rides.


The Surrey-based theme park realised it had a problem when numerous visitors were left embarrassed when they could not fit in the seats.


One of the more popular rides Nemesis Inferno can now provide small and larger people with the adrenalin rush their seeking.


The theme parks website now states that there is a ’51 inch torso restriction’ on this roller coaster.


The ride now features two larger seats for super size visitors, and there are plans to create larger seats on many rides.


Divisional director Mike Vallis said: ‘We listen to the concerns of our customers and continually monitor trends, so that we can modify our offering to ensure we’re giving them the very best possible experience.


‘The reality is that we are super-sizing – and that’s a fact we’re embracing. Why shouldn’t people be comfortable when they are enjoying a day out with their friends or family?’