BA let passenger know how to survive a plane crash – but it’ll cost them

Money can’t save you from a plane crash… but now it can give you a better chance of surviving.


Richer passengers will now be able to take part in a British Airways course. But only members of BA’s elite executive club will be given the opportunity by exchanging air miles for the training session.


The four-hour course costs around £125 and focuses on the aftermath of a plane crash.  According the research by the Civil Aviation Authority, its is after the crash that many deaths occur – people panic or freeze and cant undo their seatbelt.


The BA course will allow its members to practice using oxygen masks, escape slides and life jackets.


Andy Clubb, who runs the course for BA, told The Independent:


‘It makes passengers safer when travelling by giving additional skills. It dispels all those internet theories about the ‘brace position’ and it gives people so much more confidence in flying.’


‘With other passengers around them reacting in a positive manner to the instructions being given by the crew, the few passengers that might have frozen might follow those who demonstrate that they know what they are doing.’


Virgin Atlantic also have a similar course for £78m which also states its to help passengers in the event of a crash landing.