Get tired sightseeing – a nap in Paris could cost you £10

If you find climbing the Eiffel Tower leaving you feeling sleepy, the French have come up with the perfect place for a quick nap… but it’ll cost you £10.


It’s thought to be the first city to create a ‘siesta venue’ where the tired out tourists can have a quick power nap.


The Zen bar allows people to have either a 15-minute power nap for 12 Euros (£10), or up to 45 minutes is 27 Euros (£23) if you fancy a snooze before dinner.


Large vibrating beds are provided that massage as you slumber, or try out a ‘zero gravity’ chair.


Also available are beauty treatments, not forgetting the fish spa.


Former banker and owner Christophe Chanhsavang said his brainwave came when thinking about the common practice of napping at work in Asia.


He said: ‘The greatest reward is to see stressed out workers relaxing. This siesta bar nap is to give people a chance to be better with themselves.’