Customer Testimonials Boost the Reputation of ECD

Stanmore, Middlesex, UK 10/03/2011 – One of the most powerful forms of advertising is the recommendation of satisfied customers. No one knows this more than Electronic Cigarette Direct (ECD), a UK-based e-cigarette retailer with a growing list of positive customer testimonials. These testimonials range from simple, one-sentence comments all the way up to multiple paragraphs. Customers are happy with a variety of things including customer service, price, and the products sold by ECD.

ECD features products carrying the VAPESTICK brand name because they believe in them. The owners of the company are former smokers who have tested many of the leading electronic cigarettes, only to settle on the VAPESTICK because of their excellent quality. Furthermore, they wanted to carry an e-cigarette brand which accurately reproduced the smoking experience without producing all of the toxins that go along with tobacco. They believe VAPESTICK fits that bill better than anyone else.

If customer testimonials are any indication, ECD’s assessment of the VAPESTICK brand is accurate. One consumer recently commented that “the smoke is there, the feeling when you inhale a cigarette is there but all the badness is not. It’s worth a try and I personally think that at the price you have to try it.”

Another customer, speaking about receiving his starter pack wrote, “I’m quite a heavy smoker and used to smoke rolling tobacco, so I went for the tobacco flavoured carts (high strength), and the taste/ vapour is amazing. I had tried a couple of other ‘cheap’ products on the market, which were awful in comparison [sic], I’m so glad I bought this and I know it will change my life…”

As a VAPESTICK retailer, Electronic Cigarette Direct offers a wide range of products. For new users they carry several different starter kits which include atomisers, batteries, e-liquid, and a charger. For those who have been e-smoking (vaping) for some time, they offer refills, replacement parts, and accessories. And for those who are just getting started, or who prefer the convenience of disposable units, ECD offers their V1 disposable unit. All of ECD’s products can be seen and purchased from their website found at

About Electronic Cigarette Direct

Electronic Cigarette Direct is a UK-based e-cigarette distributor located in Middlesex. The company carries exclusively the VAPESTICK brand of e-cigarettes as well as replacement parts and accessories. Their website provides the full list of items in a secure, online shopping platform where customers can purchase from the comfort of their own homes. ECD ships directly to your door and offers a 30-day return policy on any products that arrive with any defects in workmanship or materials. Details of the company’s return policy are found on their website. For more information about ECD or the VAPESTICK brand please contact them using the information provided below.

Electronic Cigarette Direct
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Telephone: +44 (0) 800 011 4324