Queuing times slashed at Gatwick Airport

Queuing times are set to be cut thanks to Gatwick’s advanced new security zone as part of a £1.2bn investment into the airport.


The £45m security areas have promised passengers speedier passage through the airport, cutting process times to just under five minutes.


Nineteen new security lanes have been opened allowing 5,000 passengers to pass per hour to the departure lounge.


Passengers with reduced mobility and families with young children will have two dedicated lanes, and passengers travelling first class or business will have two ‘premium’ lanes.


Before passing through security passengers will be able to understand what they can and can’t take through with the use of large screens, which display five different languages. Another handy feature are the screens that inform passengers on the actual queuing times of each lane, a great stress reliever.


Passengers will be able to benefit from the new security area, by swiping their boarding card or smartphone displaying their boarding card at the security access gate.


Located in the South Terminal, Transport Minister Thersea Villers opened the new zone, underlining the importance of low-stress but high-security checkpoints.


She stated: “For many people, going through airport security can be their least favourite part of flying. The government is committed to reforming the way these necessary checks are regulated, enabling airports to come up with more passenger-friendly processes while maintaining the same high levels of security”.


This latest piece of technology aims to help improve passengers experience when flying from Gatwick airport.


Article by Charlotte Greenhalgh