Just the idea of going on holiday can lift your sprits

A study by comparison site TravelSupermarket.com has revealed that 25 per cent of Britons think the anticipation of holiday is as important as the holiday itself. In some cases those surveyed said it was more important than the getaway.

A sixth of those involved in the survey (117 per cent) stated that booking a break before the end of the year helps make the winter months more bearable.

In the run up to a holiday the research revealed that women are more emotionally attached than men.

The research found that 24 per cent of women count down the days immediately after booking a holiday in comparison to 16 per cent of men.

Female travellers were also found to be more organised, and book holidays up to 4.4 months in advance, in contrast to 4.1 months for men.

Results revealed women are more concerned about achieving the perfect holiday body, where one in two women (51 per cent) attempt to shed the pounds and tone up in preparation for their holiday, compared to men where results shown a third (30 per cent) were concerned about their beach body.

Bob Atkinson, TravelSupermarket travel expert, said: “We’re not surprised to see that Brits feel a holiday is important – not just for the break itself, but to give you a real ‘emotional boost’”.

That is why – in addition to helping you find a good deal – it’s a smart move to book your holiday sooner rather than later so that you have something to look forward to”.

Atkinson warned however that despite holidaymakers booking breaks in advance, 70% of travellers were left vulnerable by not purchasing travel insurance at the same time.

He stated: “There is a real misconception that insurance is just to cover you whilst you are away for things such as medical costs”.

Yet buying a policy at the same time that you are making your booking not only costs you extra, but it gives you protection should you need to cancel your holiday before you go for things such as medical reasons”

Article by Charlotte Greenhalgh