Worlds smallest 5 star hotel

AT 2.5 METRES wide and with just 53 square metres of floor space – this luxury lodging  is the world’s smallest five-star hotel.


The Eh’hausl hotel in Amberg, Germany, would be a perfect location for vertically-challenged jet-setters such as Tom Cruise, Bernie Ecclestone or even French PM Nicolas Sarkozy to make a short getaway.


Although Mr Sarkozy’s 5’9″ supermodel wife, Carla Bruni, may have to watch her head if she tries to enter the diminutive domicile.


From the outside, the EUR240/GBP210 per night hotel looks as though it has been sandwiched in between two neighbouring buildings.


But its deceptive frontage disguises a luxurious interior packed with a range of full-sized treats.


Guests at the Hobbit-style hotel, located around 130 km/80 miles from Munich, can expect to find flatscreen TVs, gold-trimmed furniture and a spa bathroom across its six floors.


And just like its larger counterparts, there is, of course, a mini-bar.


Described by its owners as a ‘luxury hermitage’, the hotel is unmanned, with guests handed keys to the building when they check-in.


Upon opening the doors they are greeted by the strains of Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ emanating from invisible speakers in the walls.


El Hausl is fully booked months in advance, although this owes much to the fact that it can only house one couple at a time.


A hotel spokesperson said: “The hotel is very popular with guests from all over the world, from South Africa, America, England and Russia.


“As well as the size our guests are always very impressed by our hotel’s historic background.”


Translated from the German as ‘Wedding House’, the Eh-hausl was built in 1728 after the local council decreed that couples could only get married if they owned a residence.


Spotting a business opportunity, a local merchant built the small, cheap house and sold it to young couples who would live in it for a matter of weeks while they carried out their nuptials.


After they were married, they would sell it on to another pair of would-be newlyweds.


According to local legend, people who spend just one night at the hotel can enjoy a blissful, lifelong marriage.