Hoteliers take on TripAdvisor

In the last decade one of the most tricky issues holiday accommodation has had to deal with is likely to be the online review.


More likely than not appearing on TripAdvisor, angry reviews could reach millions in minutes of being posted. Holiday goers could browse reviews in an attempt to find a true reflection of a hotel’s services, and honest opinions of places to stay.


Now hoteliers are fighting back against negative reviews, which many argue are unfair views of tricky customers or worse – fake reviews written by rivals to ruin reputations.


TripAdvisor have responded by opening a new customer support phone lines, which will allow untruthful reviews to be flagged up.


Following a documentary on Channel 4 focusing on the negative comments posted on the website, an investigation was launched by the Advertising Standards Agency.


UK-based hoteliers with a grievance can call 0800 098 8460 or 0203 318 5019.